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Zouk At Sea WKND Packages Terms & Conditions
  1. Cruise fare related:
    • The Zouk At Sea WKND refers to the promotional 3D2N cruise package by Zouk At Sea which can only be purchased by 150 people each weekend.
    • Purchase of the Zouk Weekend (The WKND) packages are by-invitation only, upon registration at 
    • Zouk At Sea WKND guests will be part of Dream Cruises’ regular weekend cruise but will entitled to additional benefits including F&B credits and on certain weekends, free access to special Zouk At Sea programming and activities on board.
    • The eligible 1st and 2nd guests are each charged at the following base fare per person:
      • Genting Dream (Singapore) Weekend (2N) sailings: SGD 280 – Interior Stateroom | SGD 378 – Balcony Stateroom
      • World Dream (Hong Kong) Weekend (2N) sailings: HKD 1,570 – Interior Stateroom | HKD 2,120 – Balcony Stateroom
      • Prices listed above excludes gratuities, port charges, travel insurances, visa charges and other incidental charges.
    • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.
  2.  F&B credit related:
    • Alcohol will not be served to any guests under 18 years of age.
    • Food & beverage credits are per person and are only applicable to the first 2 passengers aged 18 and above in each eligible cabin.
    • The 3rd and 4th guests are charged at 1st guest’s fare without F&B credits.
    • Single occupancy pays 200% of promotional twin-share fare but receives F&B credits equal to only the 1st guest’s fare of twin-share cabin.
    • Infant is charged at 1st guest’s fare without F&B credits.
    • Credit amount is based on per person, double occupancy cruise fare.
    • Food & beverage credit is applicable to:
      • All beverage consumption by glass or bottle at regular sales price in all bars & lounges on board. 
      • All food consumption of regular menu/item sales prices in all restaurants. Seats are not guaranteed and are subject to availability. Please make reservations before visiting the restaurants.
    • Food & beverage credit is not applicable to room service, service charge, beverage packages, discounted food items or beverages.  
    • Food & beverage credit balance cannot be carried forward, is not refundable, non-redeemable for cash and cannot be combined with other promotional offers.
  3.  Others:
    • Dream Cruises reserves the right to amend related Terms & Conditions as well as to vary or terminate any of the offers without prior notice.
    • In the event of disputes, the decision of Dream Cruises shall be final and binding. 


预订日期:即日起至2020年12 | 航行日期:即日起至202012

  • 只适用于世界梦号2晚(星期五)航程
  • 首两名乘客每位的基本船费如下:
    • 内侧客房 – 1,570港元 | 露台客房 – 2,120港元
  • 首两名乘客可获相等于其基本船费的免费餐饮积分。 享有免费餐饮积分的乘客必须为18岁或以上。
  • 第三及第四位乘客的收费相等于首名乘客船费,唯没有赠送餐饮积分。
  • 单人乘客的收费以双人入住推广价之200%计算。
  • 婴儿的收费相等于首名乘客船费,唯没有赠送餐饮积分。
  • 此优惠只适用于以下房型:内侧客房及豪华露台客房(ISS/ISA及BSS/BSA)。
  • 餐饮积分的条款及细则:
    • 酒精饮品仅提供予18岁以上的乘客。
    • 餐饮积分以每名乘客计算,并只适用于每个合资格客房的首两名18岁或以上乘客。单人乘客的餐饮积分相当于一名18岁或以上乘客的基本船费(以双人入住同一客房计算)。 举例来说,入住内侧客房的单人乘客须缴付2,356港元船费,其餐饮积分则为1,178港元。
    • 餐饮积分的价值以双人入住的每位船费计算。
    • 免费餐饮积分适用于︰船上所有酒吧及贵宾室购买的原价樽装或杯装饮料及所有餐厅购买的套餐或单点食品。所有酒吧及餐厅坐位供应须视乎供应情况而定。请在前往餐厅之前订位。
    • 餐饮积分不适用于客房服务、服务费、饮料套餐及特价的食物或饮料。
    • 餐饮积分的余额不能累积下次使用、不能退款、不可兑换现金,并不能与其它优惠同时使用。
  • 此推广活动之客房数量有限,若客房售罄时,基本船费将以下一个最优惠价格计算。
  • 所有价格已包括港口费及税款,但不包括小费、自选岸上游览行程、保险、交通、签证费用和任何其他杂费。
  • 星梦邮轮向每位乘客收取小费。 航程结束前,在客人结算船上费用时,我们将于客房账单上收取小费。 唯小费可以预付。 您可于网上预订时预付小费。星梦邮轮有权随时更改小费政策。 请按此了解更多有关小费的资料。
  • 预订时须视乎客房供应情况及人数控制。
  • 丽星邮轮有权随时撤回或更改此优惠,恕不另行通知。
  • 所有最终价格需于预订时作实。 请详阅有关预订的条款及条件。
  • 此优惠不设追溯期,并且不能与其他促销优惠同时使用。
  • 如有任何争议,星梦邮轮将保留最终决定权。
  • 星梦邮轮规定的所有其他条款及条件同时适用。
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