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The WKND’s F!T Edition features edgy and soul-comforting fitness experiences. Conducted by a pool of fitness collectives the F!T Edition takes place one weekend a month. At no additional cost, simply book a WKND package during the listed F!T Edition dates to participate. For more details on classes available and schedules, refer to the accompanying image.

We provide the following equipments on board: Yoga Mats & Yoga Blocks. We strongly advise that you bring some of your own support items for hygiene purposes – i.e: Therabands, Yoga Straps

  • PAY HKD1,855 / SGD317 TO GET HKD1,178 / SGD210 CREDITS

    Guaranteed min F&B credits of HKD1,178 / SGD210* per person to spend at any 20 restaurants, bars, clubs and lounges on board.


    Fitness and wellness classes conducted by a unique collective of Hong Kong and Singapore’s most experienced and well-loved fitness instructors who share a common goal of promoting balance for the mind, body and soul.


    Price is inclusive of 2-night accommodation on one of the comfiest beds you’ll ever find.

**F&B Credits cannot be used to offset service charges (18%), purchase promotional items, non F&B related items, room service charges and are non-refundable or redeemable for cash.

  • October 25 - 27
  • November 29 - December 01
  • September 27 - 29
  • September 06 - 08

Your F!T Edition WKND Essentials
Click on each image to enlarge or download the full guide onto your phone HERE

Coming soon

Your F!T Edition WKND Essentials
Click on each image to enlarge or download the full guide onto your phone HERE

Day 1


[6.30pm – 8.30pm] Ship Check-in Starts at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

[9.00pm] Ship Departs

[9.30pm – 10.30pm] HIIT with Mack Fitt Pijewski

Day 2


[8.30am – 9.30am] Morning Yoga Rave – Move like the ocean with Aleksandra Milewicz

[11.00am – 12.00pm] All for the core! Pilates with Jill Marshall + DJ

[5.30pm – 7.00pm] Sunset Foam Party

[10.00pm – 11.00pm] Latin Dance Fitness Party with Ornela Russo

[11.00pm – 1.00am] The WKND Recharge Party

Day 3


[7.30am – 8.30am] Good Morning Yoga with Héloïse Chong

[9.00am] Ship arrives in Hong Kong (Kai Tak Cruise Terminal)

[10.00am] Last Disembarkation Time

  • November 22 - 24

Coming soon


Aaron is Hong Kong’s top parkour and acrobatic’s teacher and head of movement education at SharedSpace Movement.
His classes are a great blend of fun and educational.

Aaron Martin

Dima is a movement enthusiast and passionate practitioner. He shares his experience and curiosity about the movement culture by teaching and promoting movement awareness across Asia. Dima has a rich and diverse cultural background and uses it to create a soulful and joyful practice.

Dima Apelbaum

Leo has been inspiring people for almost 15 years in the fitness industry! Versatility in teaching various group exercises is his asset.

Leo Velez

Saed has been coaching and doing CrossFit since 2013 and had coached in Belgium, Abu Dhabi and now currently at Coastal Fitness in Hong Kong. As a health and performance specialist, Coach Saed aspires to guide his clients into healthy lifestyle routines through exercise and recovery practices.

Saed Alami

Aleksandra is a healthpreneur and the girl behind who is in love with life, travels often and dreams big. She is a down-to-earth yogi who doesn’t take herself or yoga too seriously. Passionate about active, plant-based and conscious living she believes that anyone can practice yoga on and off the mat and experience its benefits in all areas of their lives.

Aleksandra Milewicz

Yoga teacher, healer and fairy. Héloïse started her journey on the mat when she was 14 and has been teaching since 2010. Héloïse is currently travelling and has taught around the world in Canada, Hong Kong and Thailand. Reconnect to your heart’s truth in Héloïse’s classes.

Héloïse Chong

Health tech Entrepreneur, Coach and Trainer. As a fitness lifestyle coach, Mack dedicates himself to help his clients achieve their physical, mental and performance peak.

Mack Fitt Pijewski

One of the most sought after and versatile one of a kind fitness trainers in Hong Kong.

Trixie Velez

Clare is HK’s most up and coming fitness influencer, blending Yoga, Dance, Movement into unique class experiences. She is also HK’s 30 under 30, and Sassy Hong Kong’s latest That Girl.

Clare Lim

Jill has been teaching Pilates for over 15 years in Europe and Asia and owns a Pilates studio on Lantau. She has a passion for sharing her vast knowledge in fitness and health built up over the years as a top Pilates trainer and health coach.

Jill Marshall

Ornela - Fitness Instructor

Ornela Russo hails from Argentina. She has worked as a professional dancer and fitness instructor for over 12 years; being part of World Tours with South American artists, and performing in theatres as well as TV productions. She is excited to bring her latin vibes to Zouk at Sea.

Ornela Russo

Siobhan - Wellness Program Curator

Siobhan is a familiar name to the professional dance community in Hong Kong having performed for high profile guests such as Leonardo DiCarpio, Henry Golding and Jamie Chung. She has also been in the wellness industry since 2012, providing personal training, teaching pilates, yoga and more. Her latest project – curating edgy, soul-comforting fitness experiences and creating a Zouk At Sea-exclusive pool of fitness instructors for The WKND’s fit editions on both its ships in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Wellness Program Curator:
Siobhan Maire Dumigan

A Floating DestinationA Floating Destination

A Floating Destination

Two spas, 10 sports & recreation spots, 20 restaurants & bars and plenty of entertainment onboard. It’s BIG.

Explore Virtual RealityExplore Virtual Reality

Explore Virtual Reality

Something you don’t get on regular weekends, explore endless possibilities with the wide range of VR games at the ESC Experience Lab onboard

Spa Day All DaySpa Day All Day

Spa Day All Day

Nothing like a complete relaxation spa or massage at sea. You name it we have it, rejuvenating pool, full-body massages and more!

Slides For DaysSlides For Days

Slide Into The WKND

Get into one of these and be prepared for a surprise.

Workout FuelWorkout Fuel

Workout Fuel

Choices, choices, choices is all we have onboard. Buffets, japanese, hot pots or just a good steak, take your pick!

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